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Attraction® is a fast track easy solution with interlocking edges which allows for rapid loose lay installation and replacement. These loose lay tiles are cost effective as there is no need to close down the premises and can be installed on a sub floor with minimal preparation.

With a Protecsol® 2 surface treatment it requires minimal maintenance and is a highly durable solution suitable for heavy traffic applications in the retail and industrial and many other markets. There are 15 colour-ways and 3 designs which allows you to mix and match colours and designs.

Benefits of Attraction® Vinyl Loose Lay Tiles:

  • Easy renovated: looselay Installation
  • No immobilisation of the premises = no loss of turnover
  • Resistence to traffic: 1mm wearlayer
  • Easy Maintenance: Protecsol® 2 Surface treatment
  • 15 trendy colours


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