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Carpet styles and ideas for every room in your home.

At Ideal we make sure not to lose touch with the latest trends in interior design. Our product development team makes mood boards to capture the essence of each trend and translates it into the story of every new collection we design. Not sure which colour best fits your personal style and interior? Is a bold colour a good idea for your living room? How can you combine patterns and textures? No need to worry… Our Inspiration gallery will surely inspire you to find the carpet that matches your home perfectly.

Blue in all its dimensions.
Introduce a deep midnight blue, inspired by a starry sky, in your interior for serenity.
Soft pastel blue shades, inspired by the sea and the ocean, create a healing, relaxing and airy atmosphere in your bedroom.
Red captures the light in a room, giving it a warm and enjoyable ambience.
A hint of red can spice up your interior.
Warm and energetic accents in a room, passionate luxury.
Because grey is not boring.
Adding grey in your interior gives an immediate sophisticated and elegant effect.
Rich smoky grey colours create a lush effect, even in the most modest and minimalistic settings.
Pink is making its comeback in a powdery and subtle edition: soft, delicate, gentle…
Powdery pink transforms interiors into refined and luxurious safe havens.
Mixed with a shade of grey or taupe, the soft pink shades evoke a happy, romantic atmosphere.
Taupe, timeless and authentic.
A neutral and versatile colour, easy to combine with other shades.
The warm and earthy touch of the taupe shades introduce tranquility and intimacy in your home.
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