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Our graboSport MEGA with its 10 mm total thickness is the most complex vinyl sports flooring in our graboSport range.

During development of this product our aim was to create a sports flooring which has outstanding shock absorption and excellent sport properties.

Shock absorption value indicates the force of impact between the player and the floor surface, and the energy returned or lost to the player, i.e. how it protects the sportsman’s joints and cartilages.

Due to its combined 3 layer closed cell foam, and its 38% shock absorption, graboSport Mega effectively protects the health of athletes.

We strongly recommend this product for children and youth sports, and for sport where genuine joint and cartilage protection is needed.

GraboSport Mega is meets the requirements of EN 14904 sports flooring standard, its classification is point elastic 2 (P2)

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