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Duo Carpet


Designed especially for extremely busy public areas, this entrance mat will combine closed construction, perfect looks, extremely heavy load bearing capacity with two usable faces. So, when you need to rapidly clean your entrance area in special cases, you just have to flip the mat and you have new clean face on the front. Mats of this series have a double longer duty life expectation, because of their double faced construction. So, you have two mats almost to the price of one.
  • Product code: DuoRIB
  • Wheel traffic: yes
  • Body height: 17 mm
  • Total height: 22 mm
  • Thickness of the profile: 2 mm
  • Total weight: 17 kg/m²
  • Slip resistance: R9
  • Level of traffic: very heavy to extreme
  • Construction type: closed
  • Insert materials: Carpet RIB,EPDM Rubber
  • Insert color: anthracite,gray,black
  • Application area: indoor,outdoor
  • Cleaning zone: zone 2,zone 3

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