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Duo Twist 26


Roll-up entrance mat for installation in mat well or for laying on the floor. Aluminum (Duo I 19 Mat, Duo I26 Mat) or rubber scrapers (Duo Twist 19, Duo Twist 26) for optimal course dirt cleaning, unmatched stability and robustness. Mats are produced to fit the specified width and walking depth. Made to order in any requested shape and size.
  • Product code: duotwist26
  • Wheel traffic: yes
  • Body height: 17 mm
  • Total height: 22 mm
  • Thickness of the profile: field13
  • Total weight: 12 kg/m²
  • Level of traffic: very heavy to extreme
  • Static load: > 100 kg/cm²
  • Construction type: open
  • Insert materials: EPDM serpentined rubber
  • Insert color: black rubber
  • Application area: outdoor
  • Cleaning zone: zone 1

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