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Stergatoare Profesionale | HD6017 Brush Active

HD6017 Logo


HD60 Logo is made from logo carpet mat or carpet with a special color or design, inserted into aluminum profiles. You can provide the logo mat or carpet by yourself, or we can order the logo mat or carpet for you. HD 60 Logo eliminates dust and moisture in the most effective way and is used mostly in interior areas, targeting second and third zone for fine cleaning and moisture control.
  • Product code: hd6017logo
  • Wheel traffic: yes
  • Body height: 17 mm
  • Total height: 22 mm
  • Thickness of the profile: up to 3 mm
  • Total weight: 14 kg/m²
  • Slip resistance: R9
  • Level of traffic: very heavy to extreme
  • Static load: > 100 kg/cm²
  • Construction type: closed
  • Insert materials: Coral Brush Active, 100% Polyamide
  • Insert color: by request
  • Application area: indoor
  • Cleaning zone: zone 2,zone 3

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